Lesen Sie hier, was unsere geschätzten Gäste über ihren Aufenthalt in der Barony Le Pergole sagen:


Zoover-Awards 2010-2012 `Best Holiday Home Lugano - Highly recommended`

Bewertung  -  RATING

5 Punkte von total 5 Punkten = beste Bewertung  -  5 POINTS OF TOTAL 5 POINTS = BEST VALUTATION
1. Lage  -  LOCATION
2. Äusserer Gesamteindruck  -   EXTERIOR IMPRESSION
3. Ausstattung  - FURNISHING
4. Sauberkeit  - CLEANNESS
5. Preis/Leistung - PRICE/VALUE

30.08.2013: Apartment IVB vom 26.08.2013 - 30.08.2013

Bewertung: 5/5

Ich konnte ein paar erholsame Tage in der Baronie Villa Le Pergole verbringen. Da auch das Wetter entsprechend mitspielte, genoss ich den Aufenthalt im spätsommerlichen Tessin. Ich konnte ausgezeichnet schlafen und mich in der ruhigen Umgebung ausgezeichnet entspannen. Frau von Husen hat mir mit Rat und Tat zur Seite gestanden. Herzlichen Dank!

T.O., Rüfenacht, Switzerland

14.08.2013: Villa VO from 01.-14.08.2013


Rating: 5/5

Very enjoyable holiday.

Family G., Maidenhead, UK

10.08.2013: Apartment III from 20.07.-10.08.2013

Rating: 5/5

Family V., London, UK

03.08.2013: Apartment I B vom 22.07.-03.08.2013

Bewertung: 23/25 - Sauberkeit: 5/5

Familie M., Reinach, Switzerland

27.07.2013: Apartment IV B vom 20.-27.07.2013

Bewertung: 20/25 - Sauberkeit: 5/5

Familie H., Münchenstein, Switzerland

20.07.2013: Apartment III from 13.-20.07.2013

Rating: 22/25

Family McN., Richmond, USA

20.07.2013: Apartment IV B vom 13.-20.07.2013

Bewertung: 19/25 - Ausstattung: 5/5

Vielen Dank für die Gastfreundschaft.

Familie Th., Zürich, Switzerland

12.07.2013: Apartment I B from 29.06.-13.07.2013

Rating: 24,5/25

A very nice location, special arrangement made for exta length bed. We loved the view and the presence of a real garden.

Family v.L., Den Haag, Netherlands

01.07.2013: Apartment IV B from 08.06.-01.07.2013

Rating: 5/5 - cleanness: fine

Many thanks, we had a very peaceful and relaxed time !

Family Dr. G., Australia

24.06.2013: Apartment IV A from 18.-25.06.2013

Rating: 5/5

The villa is a beautiful place to stay in a beautiful location. Very comfortable with everything you need. Very relaxing. We hope to come back soon. Thank you !

Family B., San Mateo CA, USA

16.06.2013: Apartment II from 03.-16.06.2013

Rating: 5/5

Good choice for family.

Family D.G., USA + Venezuela

08.06.2013: Apartment IV A from 02.-08.06.2013

Rating: 23/25

The place was excellent, had an excellent stay and would surely recoomend for others.

Couple S., Mumbai, India

31.05.2013: Apartment IV B from 25.-31.05.2013

Rating: 24/25 - Cleanness 5/5

We have very much enjoyed our stay here. Thank you for your hospitality. This place is perfect for families.

Family K., Russia + CH

16.08.2013: Apartment IV B from 10.-17.08.2013

Rating: 5/5 - Cleanness: 5/5

We enjoyed our stay – everything was  l o v e l y  and the apartment clean. Also a good space to enjoy Lugano and travel around. Thank you so much !

Family B., New York, USA

17.05.2013: Apartment IV B

We enjoyed our stay throughly ... everything was lovely ... Thank you ...

Family Dr. B., New York, USA

11.05.2013: Apartment IV A

Bei Ihnen war es wunderschön ... und wir kommen gerne wieder.

Familie J., Wertheim, Germany

29.04.2013: Apartment III

Rating: 5/5

Apartment with a perfect view ... friendly people, very private atmosphere ...

Melotte, Hamburg, Germany

14.03.2013: Apartment II

Rating: 5/5

Traum Anwesen top Location perfect view ...

Ticinosun, Düsseldorf, Germany

14.01.2013: Apartment IV A

Wir haben den Aufenthalt in der Villa Pergole sehr genossen ...
Besten Dank.

Familie B., Zürich, Switzerland

25.09.2012: Apartment I

Rating: 5/5

... We had a great time ...

Evelien, Rotterdam, Netherlands

09.09.2012: Apartment I A:

It was a wonderful week. We enjoyed everything. The apartment is AMAZING!!
It’s clean, coasy and it also  has a wonderful view at the lake.We really had a great time.
And the owner is so friendly and nice. We really hope that we come in the future.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for your beautiful villa
Thank you for the peaceful envirement
Thank you for your amazing personality
And I’ll say Thank you in Arabic “shukran”

Family A-M., Kuweit

08.09.2012: Apartment III:


  • Arredamento: Accogliente-di classe: 5/5
  • Ubicazine: Tranquillo-risposante: 5/5
  • Pulitura: Ottima: 5/5
  • Impressione generale ad esterno: Amèno, molto curato: 5/5

31.08.2012: Apartment III:


  • Furnishing: 5/5
  • Site: 5/5
  • Cleanness: 5/5
  • Overall impression outside: 5/5

We stayed at Villa Le Pergole for a week and we really enjoyed our accmodation in this perfect villa. The view on the Lake is really fabulous and relaxing. The bedrooms were comfortable.The Villa decoration and furnishing really amazing, we are looking forward for our next visit. Many Thanks for your wonderful hospitality.

Family A., Kuweit

25.08.2012: Apartment I A:


  • Furnishing: 5/5
  • Site: 4,5/5
  • Cleanness: 5/5
  • Overall impression outside: 5/5

We have spent a wonderful week in appt. I A, well appointed, clean- esp. wifi !
The terrace proved a hit with the children and we have enjoyed the spectacular view from the attractive garden. Hostess a plus. Many thanks.

Family H., London

20.08.2012: Apartment I B:

C’est la 5e anneè que nous venons passer une partie du mois d’aout dans le petit apartment en face au jardin. Tout est donc très satisfaisant dans ce cadre que nou apprècions infinement. Pourquo pas 6 ?
L’ambiance est amicale avec Christel.

A./F., Paris

11.08.2012: Apartment III:

We stayed for three wonderful weeks in apartment III at Villa Pergole. With a fabulous view and a very comfortably furnished place we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves !
We are definitively coming back next year. It was the perfect place for us to relax
and was also well located for   T A S I S  where our girls went to summer camp.
“Highly recommended”

Family T., London

13.08.2012: Apartment I A:


  • Furnishing: 5/5
  • Location: 5/5
  • Cleanness: 5/5
  • Overall exteriorimpression: 5/5

We spent our holidays with our children a the Barony in apartment I A o the garden floor: clean, well fitted and comfortable for a family. We enjoyed the outside-stay on the terraces with dining place. As the Barony is situated between a private street and the antique Oliven foot-path and reigning over a flowered large garden with wonderful
view over the lake we enjoyed very much our stay in this peaceful property.
The landlady was helpful, even to manage our problems with our new Mc-Intosh-pads.

Family A., North Palm Beach, USA

04.08.2012: Apartment IV B:

Nach einer sehr erholsamen Woche ... vermissen wir das südliche Flair schon jezt. Nach einer Wanderung hilft ein Aufenthalt im Pool gegen Muskelkater...

Familie S., Solothurn, Switzerland

07.07.2012: Apartment I A:


  • Lage: 10/10
  • Preis/Leistung: 9/10
  • Freundlichkeit: 10/10
  • Einrichtung: 8/10
  • Raumaufteilung: 8/10

Thank you Christel for your wonderful service during our holiday.

Family K., South Africa

08.2012: Apartment IB:

A wonderful location to explore the area... we had a great time here.

D.B., Therwil, Switzerland

08.2012: Apartment IVA:

We stayed a week here, wonderful environment and very relaxing.

Family T., Therwil, Switzerland

07.2012: Apartment IB:

2 weeks stayed .. amazing view, our apartment was very private, so we could take relaxation we needed! Christel is a kind, helpful woman, she does a great job. We had a great time and loved staying at Villa le Pergole. Thank you for your hospitality.

D., Rotterdam, Nederlands

07.2012: Apartment III:


  • Lage: 10/10
  • Preis/Leistung: 10/10
  • Freundlichkeit: 10/10
  • Einrichtung: 10/10
  • Raumaufteilung: 10/10

Stayed from 20.06.-21.07-2012.. It was really one of our best holidays. The property is very nice, clean and coasy... view amazing. Here you can find everything you need from the comfortable bedding to a dishwasher. The property is near to the town center and not far from TASIS the summer-camp.
Finally we would like to thank the owner for being so helpful, kind and so sweet. Thank you and we hope we will be here soon.

Family Dr. J. B., Saudiarabia

20.07.2012: Apartment I A:

Wir haben hier erholsame und schöne Tage verlebt. Die Aussicht auf den See haben wir sehr genossen.

Familie M., Riehen, Switzerland

07.2012: Apartment IVA:


  • Lage: 10/10
  • Preis/Leistung: 9/10
  • Freundlichkeit: 10/10
  • Einrichtung: 10/10
  • Raumaufteilung: 10/10

Really enjoyable week here. Fantastic views ... very peaceful and relaxing environment, very friendly and hospitable owner ... any wish is that we could have stayed longer.

S. Bristol, UK

07.2012: Apartment IA:

  • Lage: 10/10
  • Preis/Leistung: 9/10
  • Freundlichkeit: 10/10
  • Einrichtung: 8/10
  • Raumaufteilung: 8/10

Thank you Christel for your wonderful service during our holiday.

Familie K., South Africa

06.2012: Studio IIC:


  • Lage: 10/10
  • Preis/Leistung: 9/10
  • Freundlichkeit: 10/10
  • Einrichtung: 8/10
  • Raumaufteilung: 8/10

Comfortable .. lovely pool .. view of the lake .. memorable holiday .. Wee look forward for our next visit. Many thanks for your wonderful hospitality.

S., Southampton, UK

05.2012: Apartment IA:


  • Lage: 10/10
  • Preis/Leistung: 8/10
  • Einrichtung: 10/10
  • Raumaufteilung: 10/10

Sensationelle Aussicht mit traumhaftem Granit-Pavillon zur Entspannung. Freundliche Gastgeberin, stets zur Stelle... Gerne wieder! Danke.

Familie F., Hettiswil, Switzerland

03.2012, Studio IIIC:


  • Lage: 10/10
  • Preis/Leitung: 9/10
  • Freundlichkeit: 10/10
  • Einrichtung: 10/10
  • Raumaufteilung: 10/10

Herrliche Umgebung, super Zuhause und Freundlichkeit genossen. Danke!

T., Rothenthurm, Switzerland

10.2011, Apartment IB:

Prächtiger Aufenthaltsort mit tropischem Flair...

Wir verbrachten eine wunderschöne Woche in dem bezaubernden Anwesen `Baronie Villa Le Pergole`. Die ruhige Umgebung und der parkähnliche Umschwung luden zum Verweilen und Erholen ein. Die Nähe zu touristischen Attraktionen machte es möglich, in tageweisen Ausflügen die Sehenswürdigkeiten zu besuchen. Wir können die Baronie Villa Le Pergole wärmstens weiterempfehlen. Unsere Bewertung: 5

T.O., Switzerland

09.2010, Apartment V

Rating: 5/5

Truly peaceful paradise

Sandpiperguesthouse, Cape Town, South Africa

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